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We, RISE PROPERTY, are a real estate company in Nagoya, specifically for people from other countries. We provide top tier knowledge and customer service to our clients in English. We also offer mortgage advice for those who do not have permanent residency. Please feel free to contact us.


Easy to Purchase or Rent Properties with Us!!

1. WE CAN HELP you search for a great place.

2. WE CAN DRIVE YOU to each of your choices and you decide which to purchase or rent.

3. WE CAN HANDLE ALL the paperwork and help you get official papers from the public office.

Rental Appliances Service



We can provide rental electrical appliances and furniture when you buy or rent a property. Please feel free to contact us!!


e.g. 9 items (Fridge/110L, Washing machine, Microwave, Vacuum cleaner, TV/19inch, TV table, Rice cooker, Bed flame/single and Mattress)  45,000yen/6 months.


UR Apartment Promotion

1. Free Promotion for First month's Rent .

     Please ask us about apartments with this discount promotion.

     You would need to use the apartment for at least one year.


2. U35 Promotion.

     If you are under 35 years old, you can get a ~20% rent discount every  

     month for 3 years.  Please ask us about apartments with this discount promotion.


3. Child Promotion

     If you have a child/children(between 3 and 18 years old), you can get a ~20% 

     rent discount every month for 3 years.  Please ask us about apartments with this  

    discount promotion.


Note : Unfortunately, it's not possible to use 1, 2 and 3 at the same time.  

Collaboration with EIGHT DESIGN


EIGHT DESIGN renovates several UR apartments in Nagoya.


Note: These are unfurnished (sample pictures). 


Collaboration with IKEA


IKEA renovates a few UR apartments in Nagoya.


Note: IKEA installs the kitchen, wallpaper, and IKEA tatami mats only. The apartment is also unfurnished. Here are some sample pictures. 


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 McRISE Administrative Lawyers (Gyoseishoshi Lawyers) ofice is a team of administrative lawyers in Nagoya.


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・Support for licensing applications in Japan

United Astra Co., Ltd.

United Astra is a prime exporter of used machinery, automobiles, and industrial metal scrap, based in Japan. We supply all kinds of construction and manufacturing machinery, all makes and models of vehicles, and industrial metal scrap such as aluminum, brass, copper, and HMS, among others.

We take both bulk and individual orders and provide end-to end solutions, transportation, shipping, and inspection. We export across the world and work with Business-to Business.


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