Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay in advance?

Most of tenants are required 2 or 3 months’ rent as a deposit or a key money.When you move out, it will be returned. But it depends on the damages of your aprtment. When we estimate the initial costs, approximately 2 months's rent as a deposit +1 month's rent for the first month(of course, the amount of  the days remaining in the month)+agency fee(100% to 50% of the rent +consumption tax)+Insurance fee(JPY15,000~25,000)+Key change fee( depends on apartments) +options = total amount. Tenants should estimate 4 times or 5 times of 1 month's rent as the initial move in cost. We can provide NO DEPOSIT or NO KEY MONEY apartments, too. Anyway, we will explain the costs beforehand not to make you antsy. 


note: If you use a guarantor company, it will cost you about JPY10000 to JPY68000.

I do not speak Japanese, but is it possible to rent an apartment?

Of course YES. Owners of apartments RISE PROPERTY provide are friendly to such people. And we will explain the contents of contract when you sign the contract. If you need, you can always ask RISE PROPERTY questions even after you move in.

I do not have a guarantor. Can I rent an apartment?

Of course, Yes, you can. If you do not have a guarantor, you can use a guarantor company. Most rental apartments require using a guarantor company instead of a guarantor. It will cost you 50% to 100% of monthly rent to use it. You will have to pay this much when you sign the contract. You will have to renew the contract yearly.

How do I conect utilities?

  You don't need to have the electric company visit the apartment. But you have to call the company for proper connection. The gas company will need to visit your apartment to do a test, so you will have to be there. In most apartment buildings, you don't need to have the water turned on. But don't worry, RISE PROPERTY will help you do those procedures.

While I go away for a while, can I rent the apartment to anyone else?

Sorry, no,you can't. The landlord made a contract with you not anyone else. If you want to sublease the apartment, you have to get a permission from the landlord. However, it is no ploblem to ask your friends to the apartment.