UR Apartments

UR stands for Urban Renaissance.

It is one of the government-related companies.

No key money, No guarantor(No guarantor company used), No agency fee, No lock exchange fee, No renewal fee and No fire insurance.

Deposit is the amount of two month's rent.

Deposit will be used as the cost for restoring the unit to its original condition.(There is a rule which tenants are required to pay the cost for restoring the unit to its original condition in Japan.)

Basically, the avarage of the cost for UR units is about 35,000yen if a tenant lives at the UR unit(3DK) for 5 years.This is much cheaper than renting regular private companies' apartments.


There are 80 UR buildings in Nagoya city.

We can always provide about 1,000 available units in those buildings. 

Featured UR Buildings

Urbania Osu

1DK     33㎡             Rent   59,700yen ~ 63,900yen

1DK     33㎡              Rent   58,900yen ~ 61,200yen

1LDK   48㎡~49㎡   Rent   70,000yen ~ 81,800yen

2LDK   62㎡~63㎡   Rent   86,400yen ~ 95,400yen

3DK     62㎡              Rent   87,200yen ~ 88,400yen

3LDK   67㎡~76㎡   Rent   93,200yen ~ 104,400yen


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Jinguhigashi Park Heights

1DK    34~44㎡     Rent     49,100yen ~ 59,200yen

1LDK       44㎡       Rent     61,900yen ~ 73,100yen

2LDK  67~68㎡     Rent  74,400yen ~ 82,700yen

3LDK  67~104㎡   Rent  73,800yen ~116,400yen


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Urban Rafre Nijigaokanishi

1DK     33㎡        Rent    60,600yen~ 64,500yen

1LDK   44~67㎡ Rent    74,200yen ~119,000yen

2LDK   47~51㎡ Rent  74,400yen ~86,700yen

3LDK   58~77㎡ Rent  90,600yen ~126,900yen


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