Investment Properties (Units)

Investment Property No.1


■1, Aoi,Higashi-ku, Nagoya

■3min. walk to Shinsakaemachi sta. 

(Subway Higashiyama line)

 ■7min. walk to Shinsakaemachi sta. 

(JR  line)



Property Details

 Property type: Mansion   Floor: 8/12F 

 Unit type: 1R   Size: 22.57㎡  Year built: 1974

 Situations: Rented  



   Price: JPY3,500,000              

   Maintenance: JPY4,100/mth

   Building repair fund : JPY3,500/mth 

   Annual Income : JPY420,000/year  

    Yeild: 12.0%   

Investment Property No.2


■3, Tsuruha-cho, Showa-ku,Nagoya 

■4min. walk to Gokiso sta. 

    (Subway Tsurumai line)






Property Details

Property type: Mansion   Floor: 2/4F   Unit type: 1R   Size: 14.71.㎡  Year built: 1987  Situations: Rented    




 Price: JPY5,100,000              

 Maintenance: JPY4,000/mth

 Building repair fund : JPY5,100/mth  

 Water fee : JPY1,900/mth

 Annual Income : JPY510,000/year  

 Yeild: 10.00%    


Investment Property No.3


■2,Higashisakura,Higashi-ku, Nagoya 

■5min. walk to Shinsakaemachi sta. 

    (Subway Higashiyama line)

   6min.walk to Takaoka sta.

    (Subway Sakuradori line)


Property Details

  Property type: Mansion   Floor: 4/10F 

  Unit type: 1R   Size: 28.78㎡  Year built:1979  

  Situations: Rented                                                                   


   Price: JPY6,300,000              

   Maintenance: JPY9,442/mth

   Building repair fund : JPY5,950/mth  

   Annual Income : JPY744,000/year  Yeild: 8.33%

Investment Property No.4


■2, Masaki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 

■9min. walk to Otobashi sta. (JR line) 


Property Details

  Property type: Mansion Floor 1/6F

  Unit type: 1R  Size: 14.85㎡   

                                                                         Year  built: 1984    Situations: Rented   


   Price: JPY4,300,000              

   Maintenance: JPY7,000/mth

   Building repair fund : JPY2,000/mth  

   Annual Income : JPY480,000/year  Yeild: 8.23%      

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